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I never post here any more because a) I'm super busy with uni and a million other things, b) twitter is my fandom place and it seems silly to be posting about nonsense when I'm just tweeting about it already. but it's holiday season and there's fannish exchanges and things have been happening so here are some recs from the holiday exchange season, mostly just bandom_hols and yuletide, although I might throw in a few things I've read recently that need reccing.

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Rec Post!




I don't think I failed and I hope I got all the points I need. I doubt I met my predicted scores, which were ridiculously high, but I did well enough (I think) which is all I wanted. I'm just so glad it's over.and to celebrate, I have made a rec post!

My ways of dealing with stress mostly involve reading fic, 'cause it gets me out of my brain and calms me when I start panicking, so I went through a lot of fic over the exam session and I've posted a selection of my favorites here. They're mostly newish, apart from a couple that I saw linked on my twitter feed. I also mainlined [personal profile] littlemousling , [personal profile] inlovewithnight and [personal profile] lalejandra 's back catalogues.

Seperated by fandom, with writer summaries and my notes. Read warnings on the actual fic.

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I said on twitter I was going to make this post after I finished this week and its awful round of exams but I call bullshit. I've given up even thinking about revising for my math paper tomorrow. What's gonna happen is gonna happen and I'm just going to have to suck it up.

Last week I went away on a school trip with the Spanish department. Since we had four airports and three flights (to get to Spain guys. Scotland is not that far from Spain. and yet.) I decided I should try out this new-fangled podfic thing. I tweeted asking people for recs and masterlist and [ profile] isweedan helped me out. This is what happened.

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So, this is not fic. But it's a promise that there will be fic and several recs for amazing stuff! It's also a much needed ramble.

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