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 Cards! I want to send them to you!!

Okay, I like sending cards and I want to send this holiday season. If you would like to receive a card from me (with no obligation to send me one) please leave your mailing address in a screened comment below!

None of the cards are holiday themed and what I write probably won't be holiday themed either. I like to buy random "just because" cards from stores and etsy and holiday cards are way boring-er. They're not really holiday cards, more like I want to send you cards cards. There won't be christmad trees or christmas or even "happy holidays" written on the front. I think I have one with fish on the front? and some with bicycles. 

(FYI, even if you think that I have your address, I don't have my address book with my in my new flat and even if you've emailed me it before, chances are I've lost it. so you know, tell me again! :D??)

(yes, I am doing this super early, I know it's ocotober but it'll take me that long to do it, trust me.)

If you're not comfortable leaving your address here, feel free to email me at
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Hi everybody! I know I've been away for ages and I miss it so much. I wish I had more of a chance to be more active in fandom, even though bandom seems pretty quiet. Just because bandom itself is pretty quiet doesn't mean I don't want to be hanging out and talking with people. Conventional Weapons seems to be shaping up to be an awesome album and MCR themselves seem to be slowly coming out of hibernation. I can't wait to download the songs (I've listened to them but not downloaded them yet. So far The Light Behind Your Eyes is my favorite)

Empires new video is great. Not like, super interesting, but it has Sean firing a flaming arrow (whhhhhyy bb do not do dangerous stuff you will DIE) and Max smiling and walking around and Doing Stuff. and Tom smiles! It's beautiful.

Life in La Hoya continues much as normal. Thankfully Sandy did not do much damage to us. We lost running water to the village for two weeks but nothing more serious than that. My students set their exams last week and did alright. I nearly lost my mind over grading but I love teaching and the students continue to be a joy, even when they're fricking pains in my ass.

One think I've found unable to do in the DR is write. I think it's the inspiration just not being there and also not being able to bounce ideas off people regularly. I can do a bit here and there but it's mostly tinkering, not anything that could be continued real writing. SO, a meme! A WIP meme, to be exact. I'll list names/summaries of all my WIPS, unfinished, never-to-be-finished and plotbunnies and if you comment with one of the names, I'll post an except or write a bit more of it or answer questions about it, whatever you want.

WIPs )
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As of the time of writing this, I am leaving in two days.


I'm not panicking. not. panicking.

I have no idea what my internet will be like and when I do have it, it's not going to be great. So, my plan is. Contact info! For everyone while I'm gone.

My fannish email is I'll be checking that. Feel free to email me whatever/whenever! I'll be giving my real life email to a couple people, so if my fannish email falls through they'll be able to give people that. If in any doubt, ask misprint. She's misprintify on livejournal and on twitter and she has all my contact info.

In a couple days I'll be disconnecting my current phone from twitter and when I buy my phone in the DR, I'll hook twitter up to it. It'll be old school but I'll be contactable! I'm girlmarauders there too.

My flickr is here and my blog is here!

However, comments here are screened for important reasons! I need ways to contact you guys! Whatever you're comfortable with, but I'd prefer either real life addresses or emails. If you give me your address, I'll send you a postcard and probably one of my newsletters and cool stuff! Everybody likes postcards. :))? If you don't want to give me your address, that is 100% cool, but I'd love your email!

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