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Title: I Wear My Heart Where God Put It (On The Inside)
Author:[personal profile] girlmarauders
Bands and pairings: Panic! At The Disco, Brendon/Dallon
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 7,092
Warnings: Some potentially triggery issues for gender identity/genderqueer identity. It’s the 1920s. Attitudes are problematic at best. Incredibly unrealistic history. Distinct lack of fact checking. Blatant white-washing of gender essentialism. Seriously, the most accurate parts of this are the clothes and the cars.

“I like people and I like them to like me, but I wear my heart where God put it, on the inside.” – F. Scott Fitzgerarld.

Brendon’s a little messed up and inclined to perform in a dress at Angels and Kings as Cora Anaconda, the sweetest voice ever to come out of the Chicago speakeasies.

He doesn’t have a plan at all but he certainly doesn’t plan to fall in love with the tallest rum runner this side of Boston either.

Author notes: Thanks [ profile] misprintify for cheering and betaing, you were great as always. Thank you so much to [ profile] focusfixated. Your art was amazing and I only hope I did it even a little bit of justice. Written for 2011 [ profile] bandomreversebb

Check out the art here!
This fic is on livejournal, dreamwidth and the AO3
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Posting this is a reward to myself for having finished one of the two major essays that I have to finish in, like, one day.

I have a little bit of a confused relationship with cigarettes and smoking.

Basically, I love the aesthetic of smoking. I love the act of it, the inhaling and holding a cigarette between two fingers and how a person looks when they light one. I hate everything involved with it, the smell, the health hazards etc etc but I love the look of it. I know this makes no sense but I do not care because some of the sexiest RL people I've ever met in my whole life were really sexy because they smoked, not in spite of it. One of my sexiest memories is sitting in a shisha cafe with friends one summer and watching one of my male friends let his shisha smoke just curl out of his mouth and float up and away and being really, really turned on. (It might have been the shisha too but it was really hot.) I remember the first time I ever had a cigarette (I don't actually smoke) and someone teaching me how to do it properly and watching my friend Lola smoking and how hot she was.

I know some people who've quit, both in RL and on my flist, and if you've quit than GO YOU. My grandmother quit smoking after she had her first stroke and I'm so happy for her, because it means I'm going to have her around for longer.

and I'm lucky, because most of my fandom life caters to me really liking it when sexy people smoke, so here's a little picspam. and since it's a picspam it is officially guilt-free because there's no actual smoke involved! Cigarettes: SEXY FROM A DISTANCE

Let's Be Honest, this is mostly My Chemical Romance )

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(Sit Tight) I'm Gonna Need You To Keep Time [Spencer Plays The Drums Primer]
by [ profile] girlmarauders


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