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This is an announcement about my life and a little clarification on what I tweeted before exams about my teaching gig next year. I'll be leaving this public, so that everyone can see it. (If you're new to my flist, hi *waves* I guess this is a wierd intro post but okay.)

For twelve months, starting this August, I will be working as volunteer English teacher in the Dominican Republic. I’ll be working as a volunteer from a really great charity Project Trust that specialises in sending school leavers (that’s high school graduates to the Americans) overseas for twelve months to volunteer in various projects. I’ll be working with one of their partner charities COPA, which has built and runs a school and medical clinic in the rural village of La Hoya, where I’ll be living and working.

I spent a week at Project Trust’s headquarters last summer as part of their selection courses and was matched up with their project in the Dominican Republic. I’ve raised £5,100 since last June as my volunteer fundraising requirement. That’ll pay for my insurance, plane travel, food and housing while I’m away, so I’m not a burden on anyone. Project Trust will pair my with a female partner, another volunteer (my placement is only girls. Some of the other placements are mixed or only boys) who I’ll live and work with. We’ll share an apartment in La Hoya.

La Hoya is in the south of the country, near a larger city called Barahona. It’s in one of the poorest areas of the country, where large portions of the population are Haitian immigrants. I’ll be teaching in a school nominally with grades with students up to 14 years old, but some students can be up to 18, if they haven’t progressed with their schooling. I’ll be teaching English and working in extra-curricular activities, like reading groups and such.

I’m wracking my brains to try and remember if I’m forgetting anything. I don’t think I am but please feel free to ask questions! I love talking about it, I’m so excited to be going. I plan to study Spanish at university, so this is an excellent opportunity to become properly fluent and work for a really good cause before I go to university. I’m a little scared fandom will change a lot while I’m gone (DO NOT CHANGE PLEASE GUYS *clings*) but I’m also so excited and keen to go and have adventures.

However, part of this announcement is about the fact that internet will be probably be, at best, spotty or, more realistically, non-existent. COPA has a somewhat modern facility but I doubt that regular high speed internet access will be on the menu for me. I know there’s internet cafes on offer in Barahona but La Hoya is a small rural village. I’ll still be here until August and will try and keep people updated, but after I leave, the best communication will be old fashioned snail mail. I’ll be making a post closer to my leaving date, when I’m packing and getting organised, asking for addresses, if you feel comfortable giving them (comments will be screened then) and listing ways I’ll be keeping in contact but right now I just wanted to tell everyone about this big thing happening in my life!

Here is a hand map, under the cut:


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I'm going out of town on and off for a while, so I'll be popping in and out of twitter but I don't know how constant my internet access is going to be. So, tweet me if something happens, if not, see you soon!

Also, if you haven't already, you should go read [personal profile] akamine_chan 's really nice post here about the importance of crediting non-fanfic creators, and the bias fandom has towards the written word. There's a challenge here encouraging leaving feedback on podfic and I'm going to challenge myself to leave proper good feedback on all the brbb fanmixes I've downloaded, since I don't listen to that much podfic. (I try and listen to more! but I can never find the right time and I struggle to focus on the story, it's such a tradegy since I've enjoyed so much of what I have listened to. Podficcers are a people I envy, I don't think I could do what they do.)


So, a little while ago, [personal profile] amisophe makes this excellent picspam about all the multitude of Ians but especially subby!Ian.
and I said we should get people to write subby!Ian and top!Brendon for us.and [personal profile] amisophe suggested talking about it on twitter until it infected someone's mind. and then a lot of not!fic happened. \o/ \o/ \o/

I've been calling this "Kinky Boyfriends" in my head, but basically Brendon hits Ian in the face a lot and then they cuddle. It's kinda awesome. (and as my first experience not!ficcing on twitter: holy fuck, that is harder than it looks, fitting porn into 140 characters.) Also, just pretend all the proper safety precautions have been taken. All the face slapping is consensual, which is the only kind of face slapping anyone should tolerate. I don't really know how to format this, so I just left our usernames attached and hoepd for the best. \o?

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So, I've been having a lot of Bebe Rexha feelings the past couple days. I've been tweeting about it, but it's become difficult to express the true extent of her quality in 140 characters. So I made a picspam. When I uploaded my "Bebe Rexha" folder, photobucket told me there were 53 pictures. There are less than 53 pictures in this post, I promise.

So this is sort of a late Valetine's gift to everyone, since everyone stands to gain from more Bebe in their life. Thank you [personal profile] delphinapterus for the cute heart!

sometimes people are so beautiful they ruin my life. this is one of those times )
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I said on twitter I was going to make this post after I finished this week and its awful round of exams but I call bullshit. I've given up even thinking about revising for my math paper tomorrow. What's gonna happen is gonna happen and I'm just going to have to suck it up.

Last week I went away on a school trip with the Spanish department. Since we had four airports and three flights (to get to Spain guys. Scotland is not that far from Spain. and yet.) I decided I should try out this new-fangled podfic thing. I tweeted asking people for recs and masterlist and [ profile] isweedan helped me out. This is what happened.

conclusion: podfic is awesome )

The Gap

Jul. 17th, 2011 08:28 pm
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Best thing I've seen on tumblr in forever. It actually made me smile and get back to working on my bandombigbang!

I will probably write more here later, when I feel more like I actually have legs. (Oh my god, walking all day at work gah.)
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Lots of people call it different things. I call it bandom. This is why.

My reasons, let me show you them )


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So, this is not fic. But it's a promise that there will be fic and several recs for amazing stuff! It's also a much needed ramble.

bandom is awesome but a little wierd, kay? )

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