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So, last night, Breezy tweets that she's going to open a tinychat. I proceed the watch the greatest several hours of Teenie ridiculousness of all time. I lurked as a guest, didn't say anything and screen-captured some of the better parts.

I've summarised the best of it here, so you can have the excellentness of Breezy and all the fact-dropping she did about the Panic boys without any of the teenies.

WARNING: I cut out the boring and cringe-inducing parts but some might have still gotten through. Breezy also talked about her kids a bit. If any of that creeps you out please do not go any further.

Don't worry, Breezy was flawless throughout.

Babysitting )

Bandom boys )

The Weekes Family )

Breezy is an excellent human being. )

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So, I've been having a lot of Bebe Rexha feelings the past couple days. I've been tweeting about it, but it's become difficult to express the true extent of her quality in 140 characters. So I made a picspam. When I uploaded my "Bebe Rexha" folder, photobucket told me there were 53 pictures. There are less than 53 pictures in this post, I promise.

So this is sort of a late Valetine's gift to everyone, since everyone stands to gain from more Bebe in their life. Thank you [personal profile] delphinapterus for the cute heart!

sometimes people are so beautiful they ruin my life. this is one of those times )

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