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I'm girlmarauders. Scottish, bisexual, woman, fannish. I speak English and Spanish, and spend 99.9% of my fannish time on twitter. I'm locked, but accept requests. twitter, tumblr, pinboard, ao3

Please do not, under any circumstances, link my works to people who they were based on or who the source material is from. Also, please do not link to this journal on facebook. Thank you! Partially friends only. I flock personal enteries. Fic and fannish stuff is mostly unlocked. Friend away, although it's probably better to find me on twitter.

I give blanket permission to podfic, translate and/or transform my writing. There's no need to request permission, although I'd love it if you'd tell me so I can enjoy and share your work!

This is my masterlist, which I keep as updated as I can. I post everything new at AO3.

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Title: I Wear My Heart Where God Put It (On The Inside)
Author:[personal profile] girlmarauders
Bands and pairings: Panic! At The Disco, Brendon/Dallon
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 7,092
Warnings: Some potentially triggery issues for gender identity/genderqueer identity. It’s the 1920s. Attitudes are problematic at best. Incredibly unrealistic history. Distinct lack of fact checking. Blatant white-washing of gender essentialism. Seriously, the most accurate parts of this are the clothes and the cars.

“I like people and I like them to like me, but I wear my heart where God put it, on the inside.” – F. Scott Fitzgerarld.

Brendon’s a little messed up and inclined to perform in a dress at Angels and Kings as Cora Anaconda, the sweetest voice ever to come out of the Chicago speakeasies.

He doesn’t have a plan at all but he certainly doesn’t plan to fall in love with the tallest rum runner this side of Boston either.

Author notes: Thanks [ profile] misprintify for cheering and betaing, you were great as always. Thank you so much to [ profile] focusfixated. Your art was amazing and I only hope I did it even a little bit of justice. Written for 2011 [ profile] bandomreversebb

Check out the art here!
This fic is on livejournal, dreamwidth and the AO3
Original masterpost here
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The reveal has just gone down over at [ profile] no_tags  and I wrote Dead Flies In The Summertime, the Motorbaby Killjoys fic! Nobody guessed because I've only just started being active in bandom. I intend to do much more though, I love bandom! I hope there's a [ profile] bandombigbang this year. I have an idea and 12,000 words already!

: Dead Flies In The Summertime
Pairing/Prompt: Gerard & Motorbaby, Killjoys verse. Years down the road, their everyday life and relationship when she's sixteen and grown and hardened and amazing and everything Gerard ever wanted her to grow up to be.
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: Language, Non-Participatory Underageness. (Frank/Gerard or Party/Ghoul. Do I have to warn for that?)
Notes: Massive massive thanks to my lovely betas [ profile] moony_journal and [ profile] vanilla_fiend  for hand-holding and reading this approximately three hundred times. Title and from Destroya by My Chemical Romance.

Motorbaby lives in the desert with four guys. She’s seen a lot of dick in her time.

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