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I love John and Hank Green who are adorable nerdy brothers who do video blogs on the youtube machine and rant and are basically hilarious and adorable all the time. You may recoginse John Green's name because he writes all those famous books and Hank Green 'cause he's in a band.

(They're Gerard and Mikey, only more science-y!!!)

It would be entirely impossible for me to choose my favorite videos because I would post all of their videos, of which there are over 900, so here are the interesting ones about language, because that's a topic that I actually find interesting and want to study, as opposed to just want to listen to nerdy bros shout about on youtube.

They actually fantastic feminists as well and as John Green said when asked by a girl fan if she should pretend to be stupid for her boyfriend "The Venn Diagram of boys who don’t like smart girls and boys you don’t want to date is a circle.

Go watch them be funny on youtube here. Don't Forget To Be Awesome!
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I promise to try and get better but for all the people on my circle but not my flist, I made a post about how [ profile] dancinbutterfly needs some help with some crazy RL stuff she's got going on and could totally use your help. She's got some of her stuff up for auction, clothes, ceramics and posters, and you can commisson some of her writing if you want, either original or ficcish.

My post's here, with all the links and things. If you can't help out monetarily, which I totally understand, then pass the news around. Do you know someone who wants a Taylor Lautner poster? Or some pretty cool ceramics? Or an honest-to-god pair of Sais?

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So, last night, Breezy tweets that she's going to open a tinychat. I proceed the watch the greatest several hours of Teenie ridiculousness of all time. I lurked as a guest, didn't say anything and screen-captured some of the better parts.

I've summarised the best of it here, so you can have the excellentness of Breezy and all the fact-dropping she did about the Panic boys without any of the teenies.

WARNING: I cut out the boring and cringe-inducing parts but some might have still gotten through. Breezy also talked about her kids a bit. If any of that creeps you out please do not go any further.

Don't worry, Breezy was flawless throughout.

Babysitting )

Bandom boys )

The Weekes Family )

Breezy is an excellent human being. )

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So, I've been having a lot of Bebe Rexha feelings the past couple days. I've been tweeting about it, but it's become difficult to express the true extent of her quality in 140 characters. So I made a picspam. When I uploaded my "Bebe Rexha" folder, photobucket told me there were 53 pictures. There are less than 53 pictures in this post, I promise.

So this is sort of a late Valetine's gift to everyone, since everyone stands to gain from more Bebe in their life. Thank you [personal profile] delphinapterus for the cute heart!

sometimes people are so beautiful they ruin my life. this is one of those times )
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I said on twitter I was going to make this post after I finished this week and its awful round of exams but I call bullshit. I've given up even thinking about revising for my math paper tomorrow. What's gonna happen is gonna happen and I'm just going to have to suck it up.

Last week I went away on a school trip with the Spanish department. Since we had four airports and three flights (to get to Spain guys. Scotland is not that far from Spain. and yet.) I decided I should try out this new-fangled podfic thing. I tweeted asking people for recs and masterlist and [ profile] isweedan helped me out. This is what happened.

conclusion: podfic is awesome )
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Posting this is a reward to myself for having finished one of the two major essays that I have to finish in, like, one day.

I have a little bit of a confused relationship with cigarettes and smoking.

Basically, I love the aesthetic of smoking. I love the act of it, the inhaling and holding a cigarette between two fingers and how a person looks when they light one. I hate everything involved with it, the smell, the health hazards etc etc but I love the look of it. I know this makes no sense but I do not care because some of the sexiest RL people I've ever met in my whole life were really sexy because they smoked, not in spite of it. One of my sexiest memories is sitting in a shisha cafe with friends one summer and watching one of my male friends let his shisha smoke just curl out of his mouth and float up and away and being really, really turned on. (It might have been the shisha too but it was really hot.) I remember the first time I ever had a cigarette (I don't actually smoke) and someone teaching me how to do it properly and watching my friend Lola smoking and how hot she was.

I know some people who've quit, both in RL and on my flist, and if you've quit than GO YOU. My grandmother quit smoking after she had her first stroke and I'm so happy for her, because it means I'm going to have her around for longer.

and I'm lucky, because most of my fandom life caters to me really liking it when sexy people smoke, so here's a little picspam. and since it's a picspam it is officially guilt-free because there's no actual smoke involved! Cigarettes: SEXY FROM A DISTANCE

Let's Be Honest, this is mostly My Chemical Romance )

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Is this thing on?

Got a dreamwidth because LJ comments are now really ugly and also LJ upset me with that update. I'd been meaning to get one for a while actually.

Now, I've got one.


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(Sit Tight) I'm Gonna Need You To Keep Time [Spencer Plays The Drums Primer]
by [ profile] girlmarauders


I. Introduction )
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Title: 4 Solo Transformations (I'll Find My Place In Space)
Mixer: [ profile] delphinapterus
Track Listing:

Goldberg Variations Variation 21 - Bach
Cmaj K.421 - Scarlatti
Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G major - Bach
Sonata No. 7 Op. 83 - Prokofiev
Space - DJ Keoki
Moon Beat - LJT Experience
Space Maker - Air
Planisphere - Wakoo
Diaraby - Ali Farka Touré
Ashwa - Natacha Atlas
Konti - Baka Beyond
Quelqu'un m'a dit - Carla Bruni
Burn - Anoushak Shankar & Karsh Kale
Surfin on a Rocket - Air
Obtener un Sí - Shakira
Ball - Craig Armstrong & The London Session Orchestra
Irodori - KODO
C'est Gai [Sad Thoughts] - Amina
Sumeria - Transglobal Underground
Reunion - Ravi Shankar
C'est Ca Le Vrai Bonheur - G-Swing

Download it here!

I love the use of different genres and different languages in the mix. It really articulates the mix of cultures The Home System is meant to be and gives an other-worldly, international feel to it.

The classical music, especially at the beginning, helps emphasize the overarching conservatism of the world that Mikey lives in. If I had to chose a favorite song, it would probably be Quelqu'un m'a dit because Carla Bruni has a sexy sexy voice.

Thank you so much to [ profile] delphinapterus for an amazing mix!

The Gap

Jul. 17th, 2011 08:28 pm
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Best thing I've seen on tumblr in forever. It actually made me smile and get back to working on my bandombigbang!

I will probably write more here later, when I feel more like I actually have legs. (Oh my god, walking all day at work gah.)
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Title: Twisted By Design
Author: [ profile] girlmarauders
Band: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Mikey/OFC
Word Count: 20,276
Rating/Warnings: Possible triggers for rape and/or sexual assault and related traumas. There is NOT explicit sexual content of any kind. Also, substance abuse, victim blaming and mild descriptions of depression. And a heterosexual main pairing.

Summary: “You touched me like you expected me to touch you back, even though I never did. You’ve always treated me like I’m okay. And that makes me feel okay.”

My Chemical Romance, still unknown and fresh out of the Jersey scene, need a keyboardist. Stella Anderson, while perhaps not happy to, is willing to help out an old friend. One thing leads to another and, before she knows it, Stel is a part of the band. She never meant to get invested, not when she's enough of a mess as it is, but My Chem is one good thing she can't let go of.

Author's Notes:

There are a lot of people to thank for this fic, people who without it wouldn't exist or be any good. My amazing betas were [ profile] vanilla_fiend and [ profile] moony_journal . [ profile] moony_journal especially deserves thanks for turning around an entire beta in a day. [ profile] delphinapterus read this when it was still largely unfinished and was a massive help when it came to plotting. Massive thanks to the [ profile] bandombigbang mods, who were very lovely and wonderful even when I couldn't follow the rules. /o\. Thanks guys.

Massive props to [ profile] amkave , my artist, and [ profile] lemniciate , my mixer, who made amazing bonus content that I'm so fantastically happy with I have no words.

This is probably one of the most self-indulgent things I’ve ever written. It is, after all, a female OC. It’s also a story that gripped me from the very beginning. Writing has been amazing. When I first started writing it I wrote 10,000 words in under a week. I have taken every effort to have Stella be a proper character. But I’m warning you super in advance. There’s a female original character. With something of a badfic premise. You’ve been warned.

I take trigger warnings very seriously and have tried to treat this topic with the sensitivity that it deserves. If you feel that I have not adequately warned or have been disrespectful in any way I would very much like for you to private message me or leave an anonymous comment here and I will do my best to address your concerns.

For [ profile] vanilla_fiend .
I miss you.

Every single one of us is twisted by design / And dispatches from the back of my mind / Say as long as we're here everything is alright.
You! Me! Dancing - Los Campesinos

On AO3

Header Post with Notes
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Her shirt hangs off one shoulder to show a coloured tattoo of Pippi Longstocking. by [ profile] amkave
Feeling Yourself Disintegrate by [ profile] lemniciate
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Title: Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
Mixer: [ profile] lemniciate
Track Listing:

1. The Black Keys — Oceans & Streams
2. The Dead Weather — The Difference Between Us
3. God Is An Astronaut — A Deafening Silence
4. Antony and the Johnsons — Deeper Than love
5. Band of Horses — Our Swords
6. Radical Face — Welcome Home, Son
7. Okkervil River — For Real
8. M83 — Run Into Flowers
9. Tom McRae — For The Restless
10. Cults — You Know What I Mean
11. Aqualung — Pressure Suit
12. The Boxer Rebellion — World Without End
13. The Flaming Lips — Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

Download it here!
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So, I find out that [ profile] amkave is doing the artwork for my bandombigbang.

Art! )

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