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Holiday Recs!

I never post here any more because a) I'm super busy with uni and a million other things, b) twitter is my fandom place and it seems silly to be posting about nonsense when I'm just tweeting about it already. but it's holiday season and there's fannish exchanges and things have been happening so here are some recs from the holiday exchange season, mostly just bandom_hols and yuletide, although I might throw in a few things I've read recently that need reccing.

Things People Wrote For Me:

Defiance (TV): Once Again for You I Fall
great introspective fic from Christie's point of view about her relationship with Alak and Defiance with awesome insights into Christie adapting to living in a Castithan house.

Bandom/Panic! At The Disco: [Podfic] Land Of Milk and Honey
my bandom_hols gift and SO GREAT. GR8. SO GR8. I loved this fic to pieces when I read it ages ago and the podfic is great. Most great.

Pentatonix RPF: Four Times Kirstie Kissed One Of The Guys
PTX FIC? WHAT. WHAT. STOP DROP AND ROLL. NOBODY MOVE. This is super great, lots of really love sweet kisses and a really well written 5+1 fic, which isn't usually a genre I like but I LOVED this one and PTX FIC. SO CUTE. CUTEST.

Things I Wrote For People (early whatevs):


I wrote a single day dragging an apocalypse of days, an Animorphs fic about Rachel/Tobias and Cassie & Rachel, for redcandle17.

Other Things yo:

Luther (TV): observations on the collision of rogue planets in deep space
I love this for the way it captures Alice's unique dialogue by extending it to her inner monologue and so it has some really great lines. I love "what are a few more motes of dust to a black hole?" and "It is not the attraction of a star to a black hole, because the black hole does not incline towards a star which enters its gravity." and the line "While it's true she'd always wanted to be a widow - the word almost as round and satisfying as orphan, though not as deliciously rhotic and sibilant as murderess - what she had decided long ago she really wanted was to be a god." is probably the best summary of Alice as a character I've ever read.

American Gods - Neil Gaiman: ...And Substitute My Own
very clever playing the American Gods universe. only the most basic understanding of the concept needed to read and has a sweet twist that isn't really a twist. I don't want to give anything away, just give it a read!

Calvin & Hobbes: Hello Operator, Please Give Me Number Nine
Suzie plays Calvinball with death and the prize is more time. Great concept, brilliantly executed and, for the concerned, is actually pretty lighthearted. Very recommended.

Singin' In The Rain: To The Stars
Takes Lina Lamont and, without changing a single thing about her character or the story, makes her into a mad scientist with more brain power than the continental united states. BRILLIANT. a must read.

The Fifth Element: Life Important
ADORBS. CUTE. KORBEN IS THE BESTEST. LELOO IS THE BESTEST. such a cute and believable look into Korben and Leloo after the movie and being married and in love also awesome and just living life and getting burgers and being happy and sad and this is great. read it yo.

Peaky Blinders: Clean Dresses, Brass Tits, and the Importance of a Good Hatpin
a Polly & Ada fic about how they managed to keep the business running during the war. It takes Polly's almost-a-throwaway line about the shelby family business being "woman's business" while the boys were away at war and turns Ada and Polly into a daring duosome fighting toughs and screwing coppers. really great fic.

Another Thing:

This isn't a yuletide or holiday exchange fic but I've had it open in tabs for months and month now, because whenever I've got a down moment I go back and reread massive chunks of it. I Fear No Fate (For You Are My Fate, My Sweet) is a game of thrones fic, canon divergent, in which Myrcella Baratheon married Robb Stark early on in the canon and things are different, Myrcella is very cool etc etc less people die. It's great. A real classic long plotty adventure story, with some politicking and clever moments and plans gone awry and true love. Great fic. 

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