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Dear Yulegoat


I requested Deviance (the tv show), Pentatonix RPF (the band), Luther and Peaky Blinders.

Dear Yulegoat

First of all, before we begin, thank you so much for signing up for yuletide and offering the fandoms I requested. You're super cool! please don't feel pressured by this letter and remember, everything here is just guidelines. Please write the story you want to, because I am sure I will love anything you write for me!

Defiance (the tv show)

As you may be able to tell from my character requests I have a little bit of a fascination with the Tarr family so a focus on them, especially Stahma, would be excellent. Alak & Christie's relationship is a special favorite of mine and while the story so far is happy to use their relationship as a pawn in a greater game I would absolutely love to see their relationship in terms of them actually being together and caring about each other and having good, fun, romantic times together.

the thing I think is really interesting about Alak is that he is clearly both human & Castithan. He does love Christiein a clearly human way but is also happy to allow his parents to use him and Christie as pawns when it helps his cause (i. e. being with Christie). If you're interested in exploring how Alak and Christie explore and deal with being both human & Castithan, that would be something I would be suuuuuper happy to read. 

Also Stahma is the queen come to conquer so, you know, go wild with her. she's got big plans for her family, I
 just know it. :))

Pentatonix RPF

The chances you are about to write for Pentatonix is a million to one but they're really great and you should totally look into them!

Pentatonix are a five piece acapella band from the US and are the most amazing talented musicians I've ever heard. They're all such good friends and love each other so much.

If you're writing for Pentatonix, I would DIE for some poly fic about all five of them. :DDD!!!

Peaky Blinders (the tv show)


I am IN LOVE with Thomas and his whole character and the concept of him as a man and a brother and a FAMILY MAN and ERGHEJKHJHLSANC. 

anyway, I love Grace and Thomas and would love to read a fic about them getting married and ruling the city with an IRON FIST and being happy and fighting and not being happy and being this couple who KNOW each other and have SEEN EACH OTHER. 

if you're going to include most of the events of the last episode, please include some way for Grace to live. and some way for Grace to become part of the Shelby family. I want Aunt Polly to accept her! and for them to rule the family and the garrison and just being badasses of baddassery. and for Ada & Freddie's baby to grow up and become part of the family business and for Grace and Tommy to really be a couple who truly deeply know each other at the core of their beings. I know the whole point of Peaky Blinders is that everyone is horribly doomed and everything but I really just want Grace and Tommy to be together in the way they're truly meant to be. Also, Grace would be the coolest criminal mastermind and her and Tommy working together would end up CONTROLLING EVERYTHING.

(also, what if they had to go to a society function and Grace had to pretend to be a high society person and Tommy her servant or her chaperone for the function or something where her under cover training is super useful and she shows how awesome and badass she is and omgggg I LOVE GRACE)

Luther (tv show)

okay, one of the reasons I love Luther is the relationship between Alice Morgan and Luther and the way they are actually deeply friends and see something of each other in each other. If you don't mind, I would love it if you didn't tone Alice down at all. She isn't normal or kind or empathetic but she does care deeply for Luther and wants the best for him. She'll protect him to the death, I feel. 

I imagine that John has the same relationship with Alice. He cares about her, in as much as that is possible. They are really truly friends, in the wierdest way imaginable. I don't think it's romantic but I think they're super involved in each other's lives and very close.

I'm also fascinated by Luther & Ripley's relationship. Ripley really looks up to Luther and I also think that Luther sees Ripley as one of the few truly good people in his life. 

(Mark North is on the list because I think he and Alice would actually be besties!!)

Thank you very much for agreeing to write for yuletide! You're great!


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