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Getting On This Early!

 Cards! I want to send them to you!!

Okay, I like sending cards and I want to send this holiday season. If you would like to receive a card from me (with no obligation to send me one) please leave your mailing address in a screened comment below!

None of the cards are holiday themed and what I write probably won't be holiday themed either. I like to buy random "just because" cards from stores and etsy and holiday cards are way boring-er. They're not really holiday cards, more like I want to send you cards cards. There won't be christmad trees or christmas or even "happy holidays" written on the front. I think I have one with fish on the front? and some with bicycles. 

(FYI, even if you think that I have your address, I don't have my address book with my in my new flat and even if you've emailed me it before, chances are I've lost it. so you know, tell me again! :D??)

(yes, I am doing this super early, I know it's ocotober but it'll take me that long to do it, trust me.)

If you're not comfortable leaving your address here, feel free to email me at