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girlmarauders ([personal profile] girlmarauders) wrote2013-03-28 11:28 pm

This Is Not A BreakUp Reaction Post

I've been trying, on and off, since it happened, to formulate a post that would be an adequate summation of what My Chemical Romance has been and continues to be in my life. I wanted to express the true force of the grief and loss that I and the fandom and every fan has experienced. I know on my on dw circle and flist I would be preaching to the choir, to people who were and are dealing with their own experience of this loss but I thought that it would help me, to make the effort to express in words what My Chemical Romance was for me.

It turns out I can't do that. There are no words that I can put in sentences to explain what My Chemical Romance is to me. They have always been a band that have strived to be more than a band, to do more than simply make music. They wanted to save lives and change the world. I can't express the friends, counselors, heroes, inspirations, idols, examples and warnings that My Chem have been to me. I will simply say this:

They were a great gift to everyone who came across them but they also gave me a great gift: a life without fear.

I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone.


In other news, I have only four short/long month left on my project here. I am up for a promotion that could extend my time in the Dominican Republic by two to three weeks but after that, it's back to the UK. It's Semana Santa (Easter week) here, so I'm on holiday with my volunteer partner Becky and her family, who are visiting, which is why I have internet and have been tweeting so much. I'm excited about the possible promotion and the fact my boss reccomended me for the position but there's only a slim possibility I'll get it.
Teaching continues much the same. While day to day life is crazy and unpredictable here, when you add all the days together they kind of all sound the same. You can see pictures from my travels and my daily life on my flickr , if you're interested, and I write about stuff on a blog here .

I miss everyone and fandom especially. My time here has been so rewarding and so eye-opening but when it's done, I think I'll be ready to come home. I know I'll always carry the Dominican Republic with me.

I continue to grow my slavish love for the youtube vloging community. I just found an excellent new youtuber (new to me, not to youtube) called Alexander Papworth. He does some really pretty, nicely edited vlogs that I really enjoy.

and of course, all the Fall Out Boy songs so far are awesome. I live in eternal hope for a European tour.