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*clings to internet* A MEME

Hi everybody! I know I've been away for ages and I miss it so much. I wish I had more of a chance to be more active in fandom, even though bandom seems pretty quiet. Just because bandom itself is pretty quiet doesn't mean I don't want to be hanging out and talking with people. Conventional Weapons seems to be shaping up to be an awesome album and MCR themselves seem to be slowly coming out of hibernation. I can't wait to download the songs (I've listened to them but not downloaded them yet. So far The Light Behind Your Eyes is my favorite)

Empires new video is great. Not like, super interesting, but it has Sean firing a flaming arrow (whhhhhyy bb do not do dangerous stuff you will DIE) and Max smiling and walking around and Doing Stuff. and Tom smiles! It's beautiful.

Life in La Hoya continues much as normal. Thankfully Sandy did not do much damage to us. We lost running water to the village for two weeks but nothing more serious than that. My students set their exams last week and did alright. I nearly lost my mind over grading but I love teaching and the students continue to be a joy, even when they're fricking pains in my ass.

One think I've found unable to do in the DR is write. I think it's the inspiration just not being there and also not being able to bounce ideas off people regularly. I can do a bit here and there but it's mostly tinkering, not anything that could be continued real writing. SO, a meme! A WIP meme, to be exact. I'll list names/summaries of all my WIPS, unfinished, never-to-be-finished and plotbunnies and if you comment with one of the names, I'll post an except or write a bit more of it or answer questions about it, whatever you want.

1. Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here (Ryan/Spencer College AU with bonus!polyamorous Brendon)
2. Carry On (always-a-cisgirl-Pete is a waitress in a mid-western Diner and always-a-cisgirl-Patrick is a trucker)
3. I Forgive You (character piece: zonerunner Bill betrays the cause and his friends in order to buy his daughter a better/safer life in the city)
4. My Hearts In The Highlands (AU: Panic! At The Disco grow up in rural Scotland)
5. The Lesser Gods (Pete is a future-predicting demi-god. Bebe is his disciple. Patrick gets accidentally(??) swept up in a war between gods who chose to work on Earth.)
6. Sarah Connor Chronicles-fusion (Pete comes back from the future. Bebe shoots a bunch of bad guys with guns and drives fast cars. Patrick comes along for the ride.)
7. The Runaways (Sierra Kusterbeck/Bebe. Sierra invites Bebe to come to Florida while VersaEmerge record. After hooking up with Sierra on Warped things are Super Awkward but Bebe still goes.)
8. Pete and Bebe SPACE AU. Bebe is a genius ex-fighter pilot who signs on with rebel-without-a-cause Captain Pete.
9. Mikey Way Scene Queen (unfinished plotless fic about Mikey Way hooking up with different folks and living in he jersey scene and basically being awesome)
10. The Knots Have Words (Frank/Gerard futuristic space pirates AU with time travel. (summarised by misprinity as "The Time Traveller's Wife with science fiction and bandom")
11. Personal Helicon (P!ATD Circus AU. Ryan is an aerial silk artist. Spencer works with horses. Brendon is a magician.)
12. World Enough and Time (Time Traveller's Wife AU with Ryan as a time traveller and Spencer as the husband who waits for him.)
13. Ryland and Ales have a totally normal healthy relationship that has stood the test of time and alcohol becayse they love each other and are open about their feelings. Gabe, having never seen a functional relationship in his life before, does not understand and spends a long time being confused.
14. Bebe/Patrick, canon fic. Bebe and Patrick fall in love, Bebe gets fired from her Big Break and then other stuff happens. (Pete gets mad, Gabe is a suprisingly good friend, and Bebe starts a new life in Chicago.)