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As of the time of writing this, I am leaving in two days.


I'm not panicking. not. panicking.

I have no idea what my internet will be like and when I do have it, it's not going to be great. So, my plan is. Contact info! For everyone while I'm gone.

My fannish email is I'll be checking that. Feel free to email me whatever/whenever! I'll be giving my real life email to a couple people, so if my fannish email falls through they'll be able to give people that. If in any doubt, ask misprint. She's misprintify on livejournal and on twitter and she has all my contact info.

In a couple days I'll be disconnecting my current phone from twitter and when I buy my phone in the DR, I'll hook twitter up to it. It'll be old school but I'll be contactable! I'm girlmarauders there too.

My flickr is here and my blog is here!

However, comments here are screened for important reasons! I need ways to contact you guys! Whatever you're comfortable with, but I'd prefer either real life addresses or emails. If you give me your address, I'll send you a postcard and probably one of my newsletters and cool stuff! Everybody likes postcards. :))? If you don't want to give me your address, that is 100% cool, but I'd love your email!

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