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Kinky Boyfriends Notfic

I'm going out of town on and off for a while, so I'll be popping in and out of twitter but I don't know how constant my internet access is going to be. So, tweet me if something happens, if not, see you soon!

Also, if you haven't already, you should go read [personal profile] akamine_chan 's really nice post here about the importance of crediting non-fanfic creators, and the bias fandom has towards the written word. There's a challenge here encouraging leaving feedback on podfic and I'm going to challenge myself to leave proper good feedback on all the brbb fanmixes I've downloaded, since I don't listen to that much podfic. (I try and listen to more! but I can never find the right time and I struggle to focus on the story, it's such a tradegy since I've enjoyed so much of what I have listened to. Podficcers are a people I envy, I don't think I could do what they do.)


So, a little while ago, [personal profile] amisophe makes this excellent picspam about all the multitude of Ians but especially subby!Ian.
and I said we should get people to write subby!Ian and top!Brendon for us.and [personal profile] amisophe suggested talking about it on twitter until it infected someone's mind. and then a lot of not!fic happened. \o/ \o/ \o/

I've been calling this "Kinky Boyfriends" in my head, but basically Brendon hits Ian in the face a lot and then they cuddle. It's kinda awesome. (and as my first experience not!ficcing on twitter: holy fuck, that is harder than it looks, fitting porn into 140 characters.) Also, just pretend all the proper safety precautions have been taken. All the face slapping is consensual, which is the only kind of face slapping anyone should tolerate. I don't really know how to format this, so I just left our usernames attached and hoepd for the best. \o?

girlmarauders@amisophe can we talk about Ian doing the shirt thing to goad Bden into tying him up MORE later? because that's a thing I want to talk about

amisophe:  omg yes does he pretend he just accidentally got tangled up?

girlmarauders:   but Bden has to punish him anyway. Ian's supposed to know better? (but Ian totally wins because punishment = getting tied up)

amisophe:  playing-guitar-while-tied-up practice! because if Ian's going to get himself tangled up like that he must know how to perform

also you're not supposed to be THAT provocative on stage, that's bden's job

girlmarauders:   lol. Ian is Brendon's (:< Brendon likes other people seeing how pretty Ian but sometimes he likes to remind Ian that he's his (:<

amisophe:  there are specific limits to what they do on stage! that pretty much means ian does whatever bden ~indicates. not MORE.

which results in ian being needy as soon as they go off stage because SERIOUSLY what does bden EXPECT

girlmarauders:   does Brendon give Ian rules? Ian gets so hot & bothered 'cause Brendon's CONTROLLING him. (& Bden always makes him wait after D:<)

amisophe:  he requires showers! lol that interview where they all say Ian's the dirtiest /o\ also he's supposed to stay standing onstage

bden needs to move around onstage! so he always makes sure Ian's up enough to stand. like this

and then Ian tells him THAT'S NOT HELPING

girlmarauders:   lol, love that gif. Brendon tries to be more careful but that ALSO doesn't help, 'cause Ian doesn't want to be left alone D:

amisophe:  exactly :( and then Ian gets all angsty and self-absorbed for a few days, and bden's like "...okay, we're scening now."

and Ian's like :| are you sure :| I don't want to be needy :| and bden's like "do I need to slap you?" and Ian's all :D

girlmarauders:   and then there's face slapping! & Bden puts Ian down as far as he can & takes care of him & they negotiate on-stage & it's awesome

and Ian's like "I have the best kinky boyfriend" and Brendon say "clearly". Because some things never change.

amisophe:  :D consensual slapping solves all problems. ian can do whatever he wants on stage! bden will just slap him after! *_______*

ahaha so perfect <3333

girlmarauders:   & if there's no band-less space for slapping, Ian goes down on his knees in the back lounge, Bden pets his hair & Ian feels better

amisophe: yess. when there is, bden just corners him and waits for ian to hold his hands behind his back and look at him all vulnerable

girlmarauders: Brendon likes to tie him up but sometimes it's just as sweet when Ian holds himself that way, just 'cause Brendon wants him to

(and then Brendon slaps him in the face)

amisophe: the split second before and after he raises his hand is the best, bc Ian's not afraid but he reacts preemptively

also I think this is the best way to end all sentences (this is in reponse to my tweet that just said "(and then Brendon slaps him in the face)"

girlmarauders: once Brendon made him keep his eyes open all the way through a slap. B has to work so hard not to use the whole scene hitting him

lol >:) it makes all sentences better. ALL THE FACE SLAPPING :D? :D?

amisophe: jfc *___* it probably takes until Ian makes this noise and can barely drag his head back up and his eyes are so unfocused

he looks like he's about to cry. and like Brendon's his fucking savior or something. what is he supposed to dooo

girlmarauders: D:< D:< Brendon just wants to hit him forever. and always see the white outline of his fingers on Ian's cheek.

& Brendon just kisses Ian, even though Ian can barely respond, & then slaps on the other side of his face & kisses him again

amisophe: akldsfj his one hand is tangled in Ian's hair and Ian's literally falling over and relying on Brendon to hold him up

girlmarauders: when brendon hits him his head moves with it, no resistance, & moans or whimpers, 'cause he can't stop himself & B is just *____*

amisophe: and when Brendon puts his hand under Ian's chin to raise his face up Ian ducks his head and presses his mouth to his fingers

girlmarauders: & Bden holds Ian's face in his hand & Ian just sighs breathily when it touches the slap-marks. Bden wonders if it's gonna bruise.

amisophe: it probably is *___* Ian will keep coming over and leaning on him to make it sting and Bden just kisses his head chastely

bc it's just slight enough to be hidden by stage lighting, and we know they get off so hard on being hidden in plain sight

girlmarauders: Spence is "DO NOT TELL ME. I AM GLORIOUSLY UNAWARE" Ian & Bden are like >:) & B presses his thumbs into the marks when they cuddle

when Bden presses at them Ian gets all shivery & is also like "asshole, we do not have time that" & B just makes his innocent face

amisophe: Dallon decides not to mention how obvious it is when Ian always has this blissed-out expression around him

it is ridic how Bden still has an innocent face after that. and then he's surprised when Ian's so ready for it during shows

Ian has to stop being so instantaneously primed, it feeds Bden's smug face when he touches him

and that makes Ian even less able to keep his eyes open and then Bden's back to innocent and it's NOT FAIR

girlmarauders: Brendon can't help loving the marks he makes on Ian. & it's so hard, when they want to scene ALL THE TIME. Spence's poor eyes

amisophe: at some point he's like "omg fine, get it out of your system, you have one whole day" and happens

girlmarauders: Ian's blissed out ALL THE TIME & Brendon's like "look how awesome my boyfriend is everyone!" but keeping a firm hold at ALL TIMES

amisophe: when they finally get back in Brendon just pushes Ian down and he stumbles and falls so easy, doesn't need to stand anymore

girlmarauders: he's so pliant when Bden ties him to the bed, no tension in him at all, & when B hits him, he just sighs w/ the endorphin rush

amisophe: and then? (and then Brendon slaps him :D) and then Bden's hand hovers to pet him and Ian's eyes follow like he'll get closer

girlmarauders: & then Brendon holds Ian's hair so his head can't move & slaps him, hard. Ian just moans low but he's too far gone to ask for more

amisophe: *_______* but it's okay, Bden will take care of him. he kind of wants to see what would happen

if he did something ~threatening like undo his belt and raise it up so Ian could see but he couldn't move.

Ian's eyes would tell him if it was okay.

girlmarauders: ngh yesyes. Bden knows the difference between anticipation & fear and when he runs his belt down Ian's chest, that's anticipation

amisophe: although that doesn't stop Ian from curling in on it when he finally brings it down

and when he opens his eyes Bden can see the beginnings of tears. then he knows what he's aiming for, the breaking point

girlmarauders: and those tears, that just drives Brendon on. Ian whimpers when Bden brings the belt down and pulls at the cuffs unconsciously

and brendon makes parallel red marks on Ian's chest, runs his fingernails over them, makes Ian cry out, his breath stutter

amisophe: he is SO GONE. *____* bden has to run his hand over Ian's throat where his head is thrown back, unable to breathe

and then he's gasping in breath just so he can REACT

girlmarauders: he's choking on breaths, crying, crying from pain & being overwhelmed. Brendon uncuffs & holds him "you did so good baby, so good"

amisophe: and Ian's hands are curled helplessly in front of him but he's clinging like he can hide from the world in Brendon's arms

he's staring up, riveted and unable to see through the tears Brendon's wiping away

girlmarauders: Bden just stays with him, rubbing hands up & down his arms, helping him through the come down, saying he loves him, how good he is

Ian's too gone to respond bt he buries his face in Bdens chest&tucks himself into the shape of Bden's arms,letting himself be held

amisophe: and when Ian has any sort of strength at all he just kind of surges up and kisses him, eyes shining, mumbling "thank you"

over and over until Brendon shushes him, holds him close until the words drop off and his eyes flutter

girlmarauders: Brendon says "I love you" & they just make out sleepily until the fall asleep, tangled up together

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