Aug. 11th, 2013

girlmarauders: A female drummer behind her kit, her face is not visible (fry)

I went to Glasgow Pride on Saturday and it was amazing. I saw ghostbones and had a really good time. I was wandering the stalls while I was waiting for Pip and a very nice young man from the Yes Scotland stall tried to convince me to not be a undecided voter anymore.

It's true I'm undecided but I lean pretty heavily towards the "Yes, Scotland should be independent" side, so, bias ahoy.

I come from a mixed background - my father's American and my mother's Scottish but we've lived in Scotland for over ten years and I have a British passport (also have an American one) and I feel that I'm from Scotland, more than I'm from anywhere else in the world. Scotland's my home. And I consider myself to be Scottish, not to be British. I remember watching an English comedian preforming in Glasgow and him crashing and burning because he was trying to set up a joke by talking about how great it was to be British. The English are British. We're Scottish. I have a lot of them and they're not all coherent but here are a selection of my thoughts about Scottish Independence.

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