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I'm girlmarauders. Scottish, bisexual, woman, fannish. I speak English and Spanish, and spend 99.9% of my fannish time on twitter. I'm locked, but accept requests. twitter, tumblr, pinboard, ao3

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This is my masterlist, which I keep as updated as I can. I post everything new at AO3.



Dead Flies In The Summertime : NC-17, 2,816 words
Notes: written for [ profile] no_tags

Jim’s never been fussed about who he fucked. Good-looking and willing are his two requirements and even then he’ll push the boundaries of good-looking in the name of a good fuck.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

Boy in Man’s Clothing : PG, 220 words


Family : PG, 742 words

"You don't have a very good track record when it comes to girl demons making goo goo eyes at you!"

The Huntress : PG, 725 words

Diana can’t remember when the list of people she loves got so long. It’s like a chant, a war cry, a prayer that she must whisper to herself on the edge of battle to convince herself that it is worth it.

In Prayer : PG, 657 words

Sometimes, he is rewarded with a glimpse of why his Father loved man more than angel. All too often, he has understood the exhaustion of his brothers and sisters. He too is tired.

In Another Life : PG-13, 337 words

More than one world is affected by the Winchesters constantly dragging the world to the edge of existence only to grab it back in the last second.

Doctor Who:

At The End of a Life : PG, 247 words

There are blocks in place, in her brain, holding back an onslaught of memories but when her life begin to fade and her soul goes ragged, they begin to break.

Young Face, Old Bones : PG, 172 words

Still, there's something pulling at him. Something beyond the wonder and joy of a new body. It smells like oil and war and hate. It burns his nostrils and gives him horrible shivers.

For Ever and Ever : PG, 216 words

He will never understand the human love of their bizarre time measuring. 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in a hour? Oh, and don't get him started on that ridiculous AM-PM thing.


Hiding : PG, 936 words

“You’re a good man, Merlin Emrys. Too good for me.” She pauses and leans more into his embrace. “We’ll come back. Arthur needs you. I promise.”


Aftermath: An Illustrated Story of Gwen’s Grief and Strength : PG, 1,162 words

Gwen and Lois pick up the pieces of the Hub and rebuild their lives.

Aftermath: Gwen’s Command in Photographs : PG, 810 words

It's a good picture and Gwen hangs it in her office to remind her of what she's lost and to remind the others that they always die.

Aftermath: A Story of Lois’ Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs : PG,  1,653 words

There is a line drawn somewhere, where memory ends and grief begins but Lois has yet to find it.

A Beautiful Friendship: Weevil Hunting is a Torchwood Romance : PG, 1,636 words

Lois is Torchwood now, so of course she can’t have a normal romance.

Being Human:

No Tighter Bond : PG, 602 words

He doesn't meet George's eyes, because if George wants the truth he must have it now, knowing that Mitchell is ashamed to say this in the presence of a good man.

VodkaTea Is Bad For The Health : PG-13, 856 words

He sees George at work twice and avoids him with all his vampire skills, which included Hiding In The Closet In Ward 3 and Running.


Splits In The Skin. : PG, 1,602 words

"Everyone talked to me. Rogue and Kitty had a list of things John Is Not Allowed To Do While Meeting Bobby's Parents. Storm took me aside and gave me the whole 'If you are serious about Bobby' talk all over again. Piotr was big and scary in my direction all through breakfast and Logan threatened to kill me. Again."

Loving and Being Loved In Return : PG, 472 words

How like Scott, to attempt romantic, only to fail because he couldn't find the words.


Freedom and Family : PG, 591 words

The Alliance believed that Ziyou would join the fold easily. They were a simple people, ran the common logic, and they would fall into line.

And Baby Makes Four : PG, 739 words

"I would like to make it known that if you suggest Jayne I will shoot you. On principle."  

The History Boys:

In The Dreaming : PG-13,  3,093 words

It occurs to Lockwood that he is 28 and that he doesn’t want to die.


Oh, You’re a Ghost : PG, 417 words

"Oh. You're a ghost." River says, adjusting the angle of her head. "That clarifies some things."

Pirates of The Caribbean:

Constance The Cat : PG, 422 words

Like the spirits in his mam's old tales, Constance only comes out at night when the moon is bright and she can walk upon two legs again.